Giorgio Armani Telemarketer Lawsuit Filed

A new class action complaint alleges that Giorgio Armani sent him unwelcome text messages and has now sued the man whose number is on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Derek Hasty filed a class-action lawsuit against Giorgio Armani Corporation at federal court in Florida, on May 31. He alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act(TCPA) as well as the Florida Telephone Solicitation Acts (FTSA).

Hasty claims Armani uses unsolicited SMS marketing to promote its products and services to all customers who have registered their numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Hasty asserts that repeated sales texts, of which he included screenshots with his complaint, have caused him, as well as at least 50 other Class members, annoyance, nuisance, and invasion of privacy.

According to the lawsuit Armani used a Robo-dialer.

Armani claims that he continues to send sales text messages to his number.

Armani also violates the law by not providing opt-out information within its marketing materials. He claims that Armani’s use of a computer software program that automatically selects and rings potential clients’ phones is also a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

He is suing anyone who received more than one SMS message from the corporation within the past four years. His phone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry.

He would like the class action case to become certified.

Giorgio Armani Corporation was charged with illegally collecting biometric data through its website’s virtual “Try-it On” feature. This is according to a February class-action lawsuit.

Are you getting unsolicited texts from businesses? We’d love to hear your story in the comments!

Manuel S. Hiraldo of Hiraldo P.A. The plaintiff is represented by Manuel S. Hiraldo of Hiraldo P.A.

Derek Hasty and Giorgio Armani. Case No. The name of the Giorgio Armani lawsuit is 2:22-cv-01339 in United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Doug Collins

Doug Collins

Doug has spent more than 10 years in the stock, financial, and commodity markets and is a financial journalist for several publications. He also worked as a reporter on the Chicago and New York commodity futures trading floors. He has reported on every U.S. futures market at least once as a journalist.Doug covers business, finance, breaking news for He graduated from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa where he studied economics and journalism. [email protected]

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