Hunter Warfield Settles Debt Collection Call Lawsuit

In order to address charges that it called Massachusetts residents too often for debt collection, Hunter Warfield agreed to a $235,000 compensation.

Residents of Massachusetts who received two debt collection phone calls within a seven-day period between May 16, 2015, and June 6, 2019, are entitled to the settlement’s benefits.

A debt-collection business that provides services for several sectors is Hunter Warfield. The business website claims that throughout its thirty years of providing debt collection services, Hunter Warfield has successfully recovered over $574 million.

However, Hunter Warfield may have broken state debt-collection rules by making harassing calls while collecting debts from Massachusetts clients.

A 2019 class action complaint alleges that the debt-collection business violated Massachusetts’ debt collection regulations by calling consumers at a “excessive and harassing pace.”

In accordance with these rules, debt collectors are only permitted to phone Massachusetts once per seven days, regardless of the call’s outcome. It qualifies as a call if the creditor can get through to the customer and leave a voicemail.

The complainant claims that over the course of a week, Hunter Warfield called him more than twice. For instance, between the months of January and April 2019, Hunter Warfield reportedly phoned the plaintiff three times in a row. The complainant also claims that the business left him several voicemails.

The debt collection class action complaint claims that the plaintiff experienced emotional anguish, rage, worry, dread, and frustration as a result of the harassing calls. They were also disruptive and inconvenient. The calls reportedly wasted the plaintiff’s time and effort as well.

Despite refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing, Hunter Warfield consented to a $235,000 class action settlement to end these claims.

Class members are eligible to receive a monetary award under the provisions of the Hunter Warfield settlement. Although each class member will receive an equal portion of the net settlement fund, the precise payment amounts may vary depending on how many class members join in the settlement.

If there are any leftover funds after the initial round of settlement checks, the class members who cashed their first check may get a second round of compensation. The remaining monies will be given to a cy pres recipient if there are insufficient funds to support another distribution. Hunter Warfield won’t receive any settlement money back.

On August 8, 2022, objections must be made. The settlement webpage makes no mention of an exclusion deadline.

On October 25, 2022, the Hunter Warfield settlement will have its final approval hearing.

Class members must file a proper claim form by August 8, 2022 in order to receive a cash payout from the settlement.

Residents of Massachusetts who received two debt collection phone calls within a seven-day period between May 16, 2015, and June 6, 2019, are entitled to the settlement’s benefits.


Hunter Warfield’s caller ID, PROOF OF PURCHASE Claim Number, and PIN

Max Sandford

Max Sandford

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