Juul Appeal Stops FDA Ban

Juul Labs filed a temporary stop to the Food and Drug Administration’s decision not to sell electronic cigarettes in the United States. A federal court granted Juul Labs’ request.

Electronic cigarettes manufacturer had asked for a stay of FDA’s “extraordinary and illegal action”, which would require it to cease operations immediately, from the United States Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. Circuit. Circuit.

The FDA ruled that Juul must cease selling its vaping kits and cartridges containing tobacco and menthol flavors. This action was taken by the FDA in an attempt to scientifically examine the multibillion-dollar vaping industry after years of delays.

Companies must prove the public health benefits to keep their e-cigarettes on the market. It is a way of proving that adults who smoke e-cigarettes will likely quit, and minors won’t become addicted.

FDA stated that Juul’s application raised serious concerns among regulators. It also lacked enough details to evaluate any health risks. Juul claimed it had sufficient information and data to address all issues raised. According to Juul, in order to avoid major disruption of its business, FDA denied its request to delay the order.

Youth vaping is on the rise

E-cigarettes are being marketed as a way for smokers to quit smoking. Some adults have found that they can help them quit. The items have also contributed to the spread of a vaping epidemic among youth.

According to the Associated Press, FDA attempts to rule on vaping products and their claims were often thwarted by corporate lobbying and other political interests. There have been mixed results in studies on whether vaping helps smokers quit.

High-nicotine, fruity-flavored Juul Cartridges became a global craze among high school and middle-school students in 2018. This gave vaping a renewed sense of urgency. Starting in 2020, the FDA restricted vaping to tobacco and menthol flavors. Separately, Congress raised the legal age for vaping and smoking to 21.

While Juul remains a top-selling brand, the market share for e-cigarettes has dropped to about 50% in the US. A new federal poll shows that fewer teens are vaping and they’re using other brands than Juul.

The devices’ vaporized nicotine can be inhaled, which prevents the release of many harmful compounds that are produced by smoking tobacco.

FDA approved additional e-cigarettes.

The Friday court document stated that the company had submitted a 125,000-page FDA application over two years ago. The application was based on various research that assessed the health risks associated with Juul users.

Juul claimed that the FDA can’t claim that it was in the public’s “critical and urgent interest” to take its products off the marketplace right now, given that the FDA allowed sales while it investigated.

The company pointed out that FDA rejected their application, but approved applications from competitors with similar items. While it rejected many other applications, FDA approved e-cigarettes manufactured by R.J. Reynolds, Logic and other companies.

Juul felt pressured to remove dessert and fruit flavors from its products after they started to become popular among middle- and high school students in 2019. In the next year, only tobacco and menthol were allowed in small vaping devices.

Doug Collins

Doug Collins

Doug has spent more than 10 years in the stock, financial, and commodity markets and is a financial journalist for several publications. He also worked as a reporter on the Chicago and New York commodity futures trading floors. He has reported on every U.S. futures market at least once as a journalist.Doug covers business, finance, breaking news for Lawyers.buzz. He graduated from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa where he studied economics and journalism. [email protected]

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