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Keurig Class Action Settlement Proceeds

To satisfy charges that it misled its customers about the broad recyclability of its K-Cup single-serve coffee pods, Keurig has agreed to pay $10 million. Buyers requested approval of the settlement agreement and an extension of the class definition to include all consumers nationwide from a federal court in California, …

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CDC Warns That Anti-epileptic Drug Gabapentin Linked to Overdose

Health experts at the federal level are warning that the overuse of Gabapentin has been more frequently connected to overdose deaths in the US in recent years, prompting requests for more education about the dangers of mixing the drug with illegal opioids. According to a government study released this week …

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What You Should Know About a Google Class Action Lawsuit

The first thing you should know about a Google class action lawsuit is that you aren’t the only one affected. If you don’t comment or object, you’re not the target of a class action lawsuit. That doesn’t mean you’re not affected, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t participate in …

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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

If you have ever asked yourself, what is a class action lawsuit? A class action lawsuit is a civil lawsuit that involves a group of people that have suffered similar financial losses or injuries. Class action lawsuits can be filed against a single defendant or a group of defendants, and …

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Can You File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple?

If you own an iPhone and are wondering whether you can file a class action lawsuit against Apple, there are many factors to consider. The company has been known for throttling older iPhones and charging developers a $99 annual fee for using its App Store. These and many other factors …

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Juul Appeal Stops FDA Ban

Juul Labs filed a temporary stop to the Food and Drug Administration’s decision not to sell electronic cigarettes in the United States. A federal court granted Juul Labs’ request. Electronic cigarettes manufacturer had asked for a stay of FDA’s “extraordinary and illegal action”, which would require it to cease operations …

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Texas Grand Jury Clears Marine of Assault Charges

Ceja Law Firm PLLC reported today that a Houston grand jury declined to indict our client on aggravated assault. The defendant was a former Marine who had served two tours in Afghanistan and received many commendations. A friend from high school sent a text message to him on the day of …

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Investors File GWG Holdings Lawsuits and Litigation

There are currently several Class Action lawsuits and FINRA claims against GWG Holdings, as well as against Beneficent Fiduciary Financial LLC, Emerson Equity, and multiple broker-dealers. These lawsuits are related to the company’s problems with liquidity and sales suitability to investors. With nearly 17000 investors, we expect GWG holdings lawsuits …

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Petland

A class action lawsuit was filed in federal court in Florida on June 16 and states that Petland Inc. sent unsolicited text messages in violation of state and federal law. Flavia Covino claimed that she received promotional text messages from Petland on June 9th and 11th, despite the fact her …

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Covidien Mesh Lawsuits Consolidate

Covidien mesh lawsuits are being consolidated by the JPML into an MDL, as there are many of them pending throughout the country. After a hearing last month, a panel made up of federal judges found that the litigation’s scope and size have changed from a similar request two years ago. …

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