Ventana Research Launches Revenue Performance Management Value Index

Ventana Research has released the 2022 Value Index for Revenue Performance Management (RPM), which is a quantitative, research-based index that evaluates technology providers and products. The Value Index evaluates 12 vendors’ products according to our Ventana research blueprint. It evaluates software in seven key categories, which are weighted based on our knowledge and research. The Value Index assessed the readiness of software vendors, their products, and their value in supporting revenue performance management. This Value Index research evaluates these vendors who offer products that support revenue performance management according to our definition: Anaplan. Board International. Clari. InsightSquared (acquired from Mediafly), Oracle. Salesforce. SAP. Varicent. Xactly.

Next-generation revenue and sales leaders recognize the importance of creating predictable revenue streams and processes. Revenue Performance Management (RPM), a set of related activities and processes that generate revenue, allows organizations to plan, implement, monitor and adjust in real-time to meet customer, product, and revenue targets. Every organization faces challenges when trying to maximize revenue from all revenue channels and revenue departments. Revenue management is all about maximizing revenue. This includes client and new business relationships, subscription renewals, upselling, and expanding into existing clients.

Stephen Hurrell, Vice President & Research Director, stated that “Our Revenue Performance Management Value Index” is unique because it looks beyond monitoring revenue-generating activities like forecasting and managing pipeline. It also considers ensuring that territories and quotas are optimized to reflect modern omnichannel selling and multiple sources of revenue.

In 2022, the Value Index for Revenue Performance Management places Oracle first with Salesforce second and Xactly third. The Value Index Leader is awarded to companies that are in the top three of any given category. Oracle has achieved this in six of seven categories, including Anaplan and Xactly in four, Board International and Salesforce in two, and SAP & Varicent in one. Anaplan, Salesforce, and Oracle are the Value Index leaders in overall product experience across five different categories. Xactly and Varicent are the leaders in customer experience in two categories, while Oracle is second.

Through a thorough analysis of customer and product experience, the Value Index has divided vendors into four categories: Exemplary (Innovative), Assurance (Merit), and Assurance (Merit). This Value Index represents vendors’ performance in Customer Experience and Product Experience. Anaplan, Board International Oracle, Salesforce, and Xactly were awarded Exemplary. SAP was awarded Innovative. Varicent was awarded Assurance. Clari, beqom and SugarCRM were awarded Merit.

Ventana Research’s Value Index is different from other IT analysts who rank vendors based on product features or consider futures and visions over what is in the products today. Ventana Research created the Value Index to give a balanced view of vendors and products. It is rooted in an understanding how products should be evaluated, selected and assessed. Also, how products are used across roles and how they must be managed to meet requirements. This method not only saves time and money but also reduces the chance of the company making a bad decision. The Value Index can help your organization achieve the efficiency and effectiveness required to support RPM.

Mark Smith, Chief Research Officer and CEO of the company, stated that it is imperative to ensure revenue and sales leaders achieve their goals. This groundbreaking research supports our Office of Revenue expertise, which we established to support growth of Chief Revenue Officers (and revenue operations teams) that lead the need to plan and direct revenue performance to optimal levels.

Ventana Research’s Revenue Performance Management Value Index does not have any affiliation with technology vendors. It is conducted in pursuit of Ventana Research’s mission to bring value to businesses and IT through benchmark assessments, workshops and advisory services. Ventana Research’s mission is to assist organizations in optimizing their technology investments for business or IT. To learn how Ventana Research advances the maturity of organizations’ use of information and technology through benchmark research, education and advisory services, visit

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